30-Day Blogging Challenge

I may be crazy and I may fail, but I am challenging myself to 30-days of blogging. I mentioned this to a few of my colleagues and indeed they thought I was nuts. I understand their reaction, 30 days of blogging is a big commitment. I am taking this challenge after seeing a 30-day blogging challenge for K-12 teachers from Teach Thought. I thought this was an inspired idea. I have journaled in the past, but my blogging attempts have been limited.  Although I have had relative success as an academic author, I am a very insecure author. The idea of sharing my ideas via writing in an open forum overwhelms me. Despite this, I am pulled to the idea of participating more fully in the knowledge sharing and creation that is taking place on the open web. My goal with this challenge is to dive in with both feet, share a few ideas everyday and examine why it has been so hard in the past. I hope to reflect on how sharing in the public forum impacts my personal and professional connections. I have no idea where this will go. Today, I hope it will lead to sharing of my thoughts on the transformative impact of technology on teaching and learning.

Wish me luck!

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