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This is my first post in the #EdublogsClub. As part of this club, I will attempt to blog once a week based the prompts provided. This experience feels a little bit like a writing exercise I would have given my students when I taught middle school. My goals in doing those exercises with my students was to increase writing fluency and help students become comfortable putting their ideas in writing. My goals in joining EdublogsClub are much the same, improve my writing and become more comfortable putting my ideas in the blogosphere.

The first prompt asks us to share our blogging story. My story is pretty short and somewhat sweet. I still feel very much like a newbie in the blogging world, but am proud of the progress I have made. Over the past 7 years I have had many attempts at becoming a blogger.  Often the image I have of what a blogger got in my way. Comparing my efforts to the bloggers that I read made me feel inadequate. I began to ask myself questions such as, how could I write that much, would people care what I had to say and most frequently, what if people didn’t like what I had to say or they found my errors? After some wonderful mentoring from @brocansky and @amichaelberman, I have become a bit more confident writing online, but I still don’t consider myself a blogger. My blogging mainly consists of writing for the T&L Innovations blog as part of my work. I have also been honored to co-author a few posts for EdSurge with @brocansky. Maybe at the end of this year with fellow #EdublogsClub members I will finally call myself a blogger, or maybe I will decide the title just doesn’t matter. Either way, I am sure the journey will be an adventure.

Interested in joining the #EdublogsClub? Learn more here. Ready to join the adventure? Sign up here.

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